Trimming the Fat
(NY Mag)

In Defense of Dumping Food-Averse Friends

To paraphrase something food artist Jennifer Rubell once said, we all have a finite number of meals left on this Earth, so we’d better make them count. Why, then, do people happily pay oodles of money to eat at middling (and sometimes downright vile) restaurants? It’s their prerogative, of course, but the problem is these misguided souls will occasionally foist their bad taste on people who actually enjoy food, and put us in situations that require we waste one of those precious finite meals. This is unacceptable, and for the most part, it is okay to completely disassociate with these people forever.

Of course, there are no-win situations where you’ll have to swallow your pride and some bad food. They almost always involve the workplace: Some hapless colleague orders greasy sheets of pizza into the office for a working lunch, with a side of gloppy, overdressed Caesar salad. Or your boss (or a potential boss, in the case of a job interview) will invite you out to a one-on-one lunch at some sad steakhouse, a tavern-y chain, or a sushi joint that’s empty for a reason. In all situations like this, you’ll be forced to weigh just how important your job is with how much the meal is going to suck. If your boss suggests lunch at a Ponderosa Steakhouse, you are fully within your rights to quit on the spot — future employers will understand.


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