Food. Culture. Leadership. Suburban ennui. The search for the perfect pair of jeans. It's all fair game. I write several weekly columns for The Boston Globe. Before that, I worked for The Boston Phoenix, New York Magazine, and The New Republic. I also write for universities, most often MIT, and hospitals, such as Mass General.


As a contributing editor at Boston magazine, I've spearheaded signature issues like Top Doctors and Best Places to Live. I also edited Lola magazine for The Boston Globe and Arrive (Amtrak's on-board magazine). Before coming to Boston, I was the development editor at Washington, DC's Ross Yoon literary agency. I still work with authors--usually medical experts and other such geniuses--on books and book proposals. I also edit and ghost opinion pieces for corporate leaders in places like Forbes.


I've appeared on the "Today" show, WBCN, WFNX (RIP), and more talking about current events, parenting, making friends as an adult, and speed dating. I love speaking to school groups, women's groups, and people who are curious about making the world friendlier and more down to earth.

Content Strategy

Collaborating, planning, executing, delivering. Clients available upon request. Just email me!