In Real Life

Women in College Should Focus on Finding a Husband, Mom Says
Minnesota Public Radio

Avoid the 18-Month Itch
NECN, April 2013

The Consequences of Middle School Dating
NECN, March 2013

What’s Better: TV or Tablet? [TV]
NECN, March 2013

Relationship Roundtable
NECN, February 2013

Habits of a Likable Person [TV]
NECN, February 2013

Finding the Right Nanny [Radio]
WBUR [Boston NPR affiliate], January 2013

The Smartest Ways to Hire a Babysitter [TV]
NECN, January 2013

Surviving the Season [TV]
NECN, December 2012

Giving Back on Giving Tuesday
NECN, November 2012

Balancing Politics and Relationships
NECN, November 2012

Is Group Dating Better Than One-on-One Dating? [TV]
NECN, November 2012

Dealing With Family on Thanksgiving [TV]
NECN, November 2012

Panic & Perfection
The Anxiety & Depression Association of America, September 2012

Keep the Spark Alive [TV]
NECN, August 2012

Friends of a Certain Age
The New York Times, July 2012

The Challenges of Adult Friendships [TV]
Fox News, July 2012

Why Can’t We Be Friends? [TV]
NECN, July 2012

Motherhood Wish List [TV]
CBS Boston, May 2012

Boston’s Ultimate Tastemakers
Boston Common Magazine, July 2011

Dealing With Unemployment
WFNX, March 2010

Style Spy: Hip at Middlesex
Boston Globe, August 2008


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